Specialty Coffee Tasting

Our team of expert baristas will be at your disposal, eager to share not only the techniques of coffee preparation, but also the rich history and traditions that surround each cup.

Specialty Coffee Tasting

During this meeting visitors will be able to enjoy a journey through the wonderful world of coffee, discovering its body, acidity, aromas and texture with passion, dedication and good taste, led by Alexis Guayasamin, barista, roaster and cupper of our team.

Through the tasting it will be possible to learn about Ecuadorian specialty coffee through beverages that will allow to know:

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Embark on an exciting journey through the world of Ecuadorian cocoa with our chocolate tasting and making experience. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the cocoa regions of Ecuador, famous for its diversity and exquisiteness in cocoa production.

Multisensory Chocolate Tasting: Begin this sensory journey with a meticulously designed tasting that will take you to explore the varied cocoa regions of Ecuador through the palate. Discover the subtleties of different cocoa varieties and appreciate their unique nuances.

2. The Art of Cocoa Roasting: Witness the cocoa roasting process, where expert chocolatiers will reveal the secrets of the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Understand how raw cocoa is transformed into delicious chocolate.

3. Live Creation of Bonbons and Truffles: Culminate the experience with a live demonstration of the creation of handmade chocolates and chocolate truffles. Under the guidance of our master chocolatiers, personalize your own chocolate, a special souvenir of this unique experience.
Join us on this educational and sensory journey through Ecuadorian cocoa, full of knowledge, satisfaction and delight, reserve your place to explore the wonderful world of Ecuadorian chocolate!

Ecotropical Coffee Exploration

Visitors will embark on an exciting journey through the world of coffee. Guided by Alexis Guayasamin, a coffee expert, they will discover its complexities, flavors and textures with enthusiasm and expertise.

Coffee in your Senses

We offer food to highlight the nuances of seasonal coffee, providing a unique and personalized sensory experience.