Paila Rosalía Suárez Ice Cream

Rosalía Suárez, inventor of the famous paila ice cream, traces its history back to the
year 1900 where she began to create this beautiful tradition.

Paila Ice Cream

Experience the historical legacy of Rosalía Suárez, the inventor of the iconic Paila ice cream. Come and enjoy a journey that combines history and sweetness in an unforgettable experience. You will be able to visit our small museum and live the experience of making your own Paila ice cream, a different experience.


During this fascinating gastronomic and cultural journey, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of creating paila ice cream, one of our region's most beloved culinary treasures.

Our experienced staff will be at your disposal to guide you through every step, from the selection of fresh ingredients to the preparation in the authentic copper pan. This experience will not only allow you to learn about the artisanal technique of making paila ice cream, but will also immerse you in the history of our community and its ancestral heritage.

You will discover the fascinating story of Rosalía Suárez, the visionary behind the paila ice cream recipe that has endured through generations. Her legacy lives on in every spoonful of this delicious dessert, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about her life and her contribution to our culture.

More about the story

Rosalia Suarez being in a convent after a heavy hailstorm let cool a chocolate in a pot on the ice, seeing its crystallization, the ideas flowed at that time to create ice cream in a bronze pan, using ice, salt in grain and repeatedly moving the pan in circles, until the mixture of flavors take the form of a delicious ice cream, With a wooden spoon beating and moving the mixture, the ice cream of paila was created, now being already six generations that have passed, we are proudly who through his great-granddaughter Myriam Alvarez have managed to maintain this great and delicious tradition, now within the city half of the world, with the representative museum of Rosalia Suarez, Ibarreña heritage.

Participate in the preparation of ice cream

Come and immerse yourself in the authenticity of our ancestral legacy, with daily sessions of Paila ice cream making and take home a sweet souvenir. A delight that fuses tradition and flavor in every spoonful.

The Taste of History

We offer you a small gift that represents our commitment to preserve and share our gastronomic and cultural heritage.
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