A space with unique characteristics to exhibit, teach, transmit and promote the elements that are part of our archaeological, historical, cultural and patrimonial heritage of our country.


The cocoa museum is inside the Plaza del Cacao which occupies an area of about 2000 m2, the museum itself has an informative part on the archeology that determines the origin of cocoa in the Amazon area of Ecuador, specifically the community of Palanda where we have findings dating back to the domestication of cocoa more than 5500 years ago (3500 BC) which shows that cocoa originated there and migrated to other regions of the world. There is historical information referring to the 18th century, during which time Ecuador was the largest producer of cocoa in the world, as well as the main producer of Cacao Arriba, considered the best fine aroma cocoa in the world. The varieties and main cocoa producing areas of Ecuador are known.

The museum continues with a nursery that recreates a tropical environment with live cacao plants along with tropical fruits such as banana, orange, mango, coffee, passion fruit, and others.

The visit continues in La Experiencia where the cocoa transformation process is taught in detail from the harvest to the production of liquor or cocoa paste as a base element to make chocolate. Once the cocoa paste is obtained, the visitor can get involved in the elaboration of basic chocolates and bonbons that are made live in this area as a special and playful experience.

What you can find

It offers a hot chocolate that won an award at the last Salon du Chocolat 2023, and conceptual signature dishes such as sandwiches made with cocoa bread and cocoa BBQ sauce, brownies, ice cream, cakes, pastries, alfajores, chocolate liqueurs and specialty cocktails.

Best chocolate shop in the country according to our guests

We offer a great diversity of chocolates, from small productions, world-renowned brands to the most expensive chocolate in the world.

The best chocolate bars in Ecuador

Taste and perceive the differences in flavor profiles from one region to another.

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